Inspiring Excellence

Gifted & Talented

Coombeshead Academy aims to meet the needs of our Gifted and Talented students in a socially constructive atmosphere. We want to recognise success and to encourage the development of each child’s potential such that we develop aptitudes, raise aspirations and provide the appropriate levels of challenge.

We ensure that all students are encouraged to develop their abilities and potential through:

  • Acceleration
  • Creativity and Enhancement
  • Extension
  • Academic achievement
  • Endeavour

At Coombeshead Academy we like to recognise and celebrate the wide range of talents and abilities of our students and our aim is to raise aspirations and inspire life - long learning.

In order to achieve these aims we will adopt an “inclusive” approach rather than an “exclusive” approach. We appreciate that students may possess intelligences in areas other than purely academic ones. For example, interpersonal, intra personal, leadership, community to name but a few. Furthermore, some students may exhibit dual exceptionality and have specific learning difficulties in addition to high ability.

Students are encouraged to keep Coombeshead Academy updated with their progress in talents and skills developed outside Academy to enable us to join in celebrating achievements and hard work through our fortnightly “Aspire” magazine and various media outlets.

Within our broad and balanced curriculum, the expectations in every classroom are to aim for the very top. Target grades are seen as minimum expectations and all students focus on aspirational targets, with teaching targeted to the top, ensuring we scaffold appropriately. We set across the core curriculum to allow students to feel confident about attaining their targets.

All pupils scoring over 126 in the Midyis tests are placed on the Gifted and Talented register. This is an indication of learning potential. However, it does not identify all the most able students - it does however provide one of many opportunities to identify potential. We have worked hard with our transition programme to ensure identification of innate ability is recognized at primary school before arriving at Coombeshead. We run a number of Gifted and Talented days at the academy for our primary students run by our own subject ambassadors across a wide range of disciplines.

Then each department has its own system and identifies More Able Students. (Those that would be in the top 5% Nationally). They then track the performance of those children identified – whilst looking to raise attainment of others too.

On application pupils and parents are requested to complete a form telling us of their hobbies and achievements prior to attending Coombeshead Academy.

These are acknowledged on our Academy’s records and we request that parents, students and clubs keep us updated with progress.

Events are wide ranging and we are very proud of the broad enrichment opportunities on offer at Coombeshead Academy. Look out for the Maths Challenge, Youth Speaks, Mock Trial competition, Academy Production opportunities, Primary School events, Sports Leaders, Science Leaders, the “A Team”, STEM group, specialist visits to the MET office, University visits, Chess club, Cryptology club and many more…